Picking & Order Fulfillment

We have extensive experience in optimizing order fulfillment operations.  Using a range of technologies, we can help improve the speed and accuracy of order picking, and provide the software to manage and control the process.

Our experience includes solutions and systems for each type of distribution channel – retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Depending on the customer, we can design solutions to fit each channel, or look at a comprehensive solution to address all of your omni-channel fulfillment needs.

As an integrator, we can provide you with an unbiased assessment of the technologies and equipment needed for your specific application. By drawing from a comprehensive set of vendors and OEMs, we design the appropriate picking and order fulfillment solution for you.

Our experience includes:

  • Pick-To-Light
  • Voice Pick
  • Goods-To-Person
  • Robotic Picking and Packing
  • Material Flow Optimization
  • Order Consolidation
  • Returns Processing
  • Warehouse Control Systems
  • Order/Inventory Management Interfaces

We often integrate these solutions with other products to design complete warehouse solutions.  When combined with AGVs, AS/RS, print-and-apply and robotics, you can pick, pack and ship any type of product to any type of destination quickly, accurately and easily.